David Buchwald's plans to address critical issues facing our country, state, and the Lower Hudson Valley.

Taking On COVID-19

The Trump Administration’s misinformation, inaction, and coverups in response to COVID-19 -- the single most pressing challenge facing our nation -- is inexcusable. It has only heightened the urgent need to restore the role of facts in policymaking, especially as the road to recovery will be long and serious. Decisions will have to be made about how to rebuild our economic and public health infrastructure. Here in New York, we are doing solid, important work; David Buchwald was proud to champion legislation that provides paid sick leave to New Yorkers afflicted with COVID-19 and their families, as well as introduce legislation to give zero-interest loans to small businesses and non-profits. But the reality is we will need to do more at the federal level and learn from past government mistakes, especially given that this challenge is likely far from over. In Congress, Buchwald will bring his unique skills and experience in science, tax law, economics, and government to address this pandemic.

Read David's full COVID-19 plan here.

Fighting for Criminal Justice Reform

The killing of black men in America is unacceptable. The status-quo of racist politics, policies, and institutions is unacceptable. There is no silver bullet to solving these problems, but doing nothing is unacceptable. While the President’s words and actions are especially corrosive, no issue escapes the influence of racism -- healthcare, education, housing, climate change, the list goes on and on. But racism is especially felt in our criminal justice system. David Buchwald knows we must do more. In Congress, Buchwald will fight for critical criminal justice reforms, from reining in police misconduct and brutality, to ending mass incarceration. 

Read David's full criminal justice plan here.

Combating Corruption

Bribes, kickbacks, pay-to-play schemes – New Yorkers have seen far too many corrupt politicians in our state. And then there’s Washington. David Buchwald has never had patience for those who violate the law and the public’s trust. As an Assemblyman, he wrote and passed the New York State constitutional amendment to strip taxpayer-funded pensions from corrupt public officials. When Donald Trump was elected, we saw an unethical demagogue take over the White House. Buchwald took action by sponsoring and passing the NY TRUST Act, which authorizes the sharing of top public officials’ New York State tax returns with Congress – including the President’s. In Congress, he’ll strengthen federal ethics laws, increase government transparency, and hold Trump and his enablers accountable.

Read David's full corruption plan here.

Standing Up to the NRA for Tougher Gun Laws

Every day, 310 Americans are victims of gun violence. Since 2016, America has experienced five of the ten worst mass shootings in our country’s history. This is unacceptable. At a time of crisis in communities across the nation, thoughts and prayers are not enough. David’s first vote on legislation as an Assemblyman was for the NY SAFE Act – the strongest gun control law in our nation. As a Congressman, David will push for a national SAFE Act to ban assault weapons and get dangerous weapons off our streets.

Read David's full gun safety plan here.

Getting Smart on Climate Change

The science is in – climate change is real and it’s a full-blown crisis. Westchester and Rockland straddle a unique segment of the Hudson River and we value the beauty of the Lower Hudson Valley. David has earned 7 perfect scores from Environmental Advocates of NY for his efforts to crack down on illegal dumping, protecting our open spaces, and preventing development on sensitive sites. And this year, David co-sponsored and passed New York’s version of Green New Deal. In Congress, he will bring real science back to the EPA and fight climate change.

Read David's full climate change plan here.

Overhauling The Tax Code

In recent years, Westchester and Rockland counties have had the highest property taxes in the nation. Not only has David voted for the lowest tax rate on middle-class families in 60 years, but he has also helped lead the charge against the particularly negative impacts on New Yorkers of the 2017 Trump/Republican tax bill. When Donald Trump and his special-interest allies decided to cap state and local tax deductions, it was New York taxpayers who paid the price. With a background in tax law and economics research, Buchwald is uniquely positioned to tackle these issues in Congress in a way that no other candidate in this race can, overhauling the tax code and reversing Trump’s SALT deduction limit.

Read David's full tax plan here.

Defending Women’s Rights

Women’s rights and reproductive care are under assault every day by Republicans in Washington and across the country, something that’s continued unabated even during COVID-19. David Buchwald has always been a strong advocate for women’s rights. He believes in protecting a woman's ability to make her own healthcare decisions, equal pay for equal work, and ensuring protections in the workplace. As an Assemblymember, Buchwald co-sponsored the New York Reproductive Health Act, protecting a woman’s right to choose. And he helped New York State provide Planned Parenthood with a funding backstop in case the federal government went after its funding, which recently kicked into effect when the Trump Administration blocked the group from receiving Title X funds. David Buchwald will go to Congress ready vote to protect Roe v. Wade, restore funding for Planned Parenthood, and re-authorize the Violence Against Women Act.

Read David's full plan to defend women's rights here.

Standing With The LGBTQ Community

With our LGBTQ friends, family members, and neighbors under siege from the Trump Administration’s discriminatory policies and rhetoric, we must fight back. Here in New York, David is proud to have worked with the LGBTQ community as an Assemblymember. As a Member of Congress, he would continue to stand up for equality and dignity for everyone.

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