Getting Smart About Fighting Climate Change and Protecting Our Environment

David Buchwald got his degree in physics because he understands that science is about facts, and we need to get Washington back to fact-based decision making to protect our country’s future. When it comes to the environment, we know what we need to do and Buchwald will go to Congress ready to: get the polluters out of the EPA, pass the Green New Deal, work toward zero emissions, and undo Trump’s damage to our natural resources. 

His climate change platform includes planks to:

  • Pass the Green New Deal to Create Jobs and Fight Climate Change: It’s not a choice anymore – we either get to net-zero emissions by 2050 or we lose our coastal communities, invite devastating storms and flooding, and cripple our ability to grow the food we need to survive. Buchwald co-sponsored and helped pass New York State’s Green New Deal, and he’ll fight in Congress to push this as national policy. We need to end our dependence on fossil fuels, and by doing that, we’ll usher in levels of job growth we have not seen in decades.
  • Protect the Hudson River and the Hudson Valley: We have come a long way on restoring the Hudson River’s environment. Buchwald’s proud of legislation he spearheaded to clean up the Hudson River tributaries of the Pocantico River and Saw Mill River (in addition to the Bronx River), but there is more work to be done. We need to hold General Electric accountable for their incomplete removal of PCBs from the Hudson River and we must continue to block the federal government from turning the Hudson into a parking lot for oil barges. We also need to undo Trump’s rollback of protections for wetlands and waterways.
  • Safely Decommission Indian Point: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) oversight of Indian Point has been unacceptable. Long before Entergy announced it was decommissioning the nuclear plant, Buchwald opposed relicensing Units 2 and 3 and fought against the locating of the AIM natural gas pipeline in close proximity to Indian Point. Since the decommissioning announcement, he’s expressed alarm at the lack of transparency regarding the potential transfer of the site to Holtec International. And in Congress, he’ll continue working with New York officials, like Attorney General Tish James, our state legislative delegation, and local leaders to hold federal agencies like the NRC, FERC, and PHMSA accountable; and to ensure that nuclear waste is not taken down the Hudson.
  • Kick the Polluters Out of the EPA and Federal Agencies: Donald Trump has larded up the EPA, Interior Department, FERC, and other regulators with some of the worst polluters in our country (and their lobbyists). They deny science to protect the polluters, and the damage they are doing is incalculable. In Congress, Buchwald will work to expose their lies, hold them accountable, and work to rebuild the environmental policies we need.
  • Undo Trump’s Fuel Efficiency Rollback: Increasing fuel efficiency makes our auto industry more competitive, yet Trump has rolled back these standards, hurting the American economy while needlessly contributing to climate change. Buchwald will propose legislation to require a national average fleet efficiency of at least 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. He will also propose expanding access to electric vehicles and charging stations.  
  • Invest in Mass Transit: As a former member of and then Chairman of the Metro-North Railroad Commuter Council, Buchwald knows the importance of mass transit. In Congress, he’ll push for a renewed investment from the federal government, including funding for East of Hudson and West of Hudson Metro-North rail lines.
  • Ban Fracking: The damage done to the environment by extracting natural gas through hydraulic fracking continues to grow. Here in New York, Buchwald has been a leader in the effort to ensure that hydrofracking waste from other states doesn’t get processed in our state. As long as we continue to invest in unnecessary fossil fuel production and infrastructure, we will continue to release greenhouse gases at unsustainable levels. It is time for a national ban on fracking.
  • Restore Protections for National Monuments and Endangered Species: Nothing symbolizes Trump’s irresponsible policymaking more than his flawed plan to allow energy exploration in irreplaceable settings like Bears Ears and grand Staircase National Monuments, and his rollback of the Endangered Species Act. As a Member of Congress, Buchwald will fight to restore these protections to preserve our precious natural resources.

In the New York State Assembly, David Buchwald has earned perfect environmental voting scores every year from the Environmental Advocates of New York and in every year of the New York League of Conservation Voters’ scorecard, because he’s fought for real solutions to our environmental challenges. In Congress, he’ll keep up that fight and be ready on day one to hit the ground running to actually get these policies passed in Washington.

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