Standing Up to the NRA for Tougher Gun Laws

Every day, 310 Americans are victims of gun violence. Since 2016, America has experienced five of the ten worst mass shootings in our country’s history. This is unacceptable. At a time of crisis in communities across the nation, thoughts and prayers are not enough. David Buchwald’s first vote on legislation as an Assemblyman was for the NY SAFE Act – the strongest gun control law in our nation. As a Congressman, he will push for a national SAFE Act to ban assault weapons and get dangerous weapons off our streets.

His gun safety plan includes:

  • Passing a National SAFE Act to ban assault weapons and require universal background checks, including closing the “Gun Show Loophole” that lets domestic abusers, terrorists and others avoid background checks when purchasing firearms.
  • Enacting national Safe Storage laws to prevent accidental shootings, which kill and injure thousands of Americans, mostly young people, every year.
  • Passing tougher anti-trafficking and anti-straw purchasing laws to stop the flow of guns from irresponsible states which refuse to address gun violence.
  • Opposing the NRA’s “Concealed Carry Reciprocity” bill, which would force states like New York to weaken our gun laws to appease pro-gun extremists.
  • Holding gun manufacturers legally responsible for failing to keep their products away from those intending to do harm.
  • Eliminating loopholes in the federal Gun-Free School Zones Act to ensure firearms aren’t sold close to our children’s schools. 

David Buchwald has never been afraid of the NRA – he won his Assembly seat by taking on and defeating an incumbent Tea Party Republican and has always rejected the gun lobby’s warped view of the 2nd Amendment. The first bill he voted for as a State Assemblymember was for the New York SAFE Act banned assault weapons, expanded background checks, and provided New Yorkers with the strongest gun safety law in our nation. He has sponsored and voted for additional gun safety measures since then, ranging from a statewide safe storage law that built on Westchester County’s successful efforts to New York’s Extreme Risk Protection (i.e. Red Flag) law. David Buchwald’s a proven leader who knows what it takes to pass real gun safety legislation. In Congress, he’ll stand up to the NRA and fight for tougher gun laws. David Buchwald is the right candidate for New York’s 17th Congressional District.

Stand Up To the NRA

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