Democrat David Buchwald Stands Against NRA, Proposes National SAFE Act and Broad Common-Sense Gun Reform Plan

As a Legislator, Buchwald Sponsored and Voted for Multiple Gun Safety Laws; in Congress will Push Detailed, Comprehensive Approach to Gun Safety Reform.

WESTCHESTER, N.Y. - New York Assemblymember David Buchwald, a lifelong Democrat running for Congress in NY-17, today announced his plan to take on the National Rifle Association and implement common-sense gun safety laws in Congress. 

“I have long advocated for tougher gun safety laws in New York, and I’m ready to tackle this issue in Congress,” said Buchwald. “The first bill I ever voted for as an Assemblymember was the New York SAFE Act, banning assault weapons, expanding background checks, and providing New York the strongest gun laws in the nation. I’ve never been afraid of the NRA, and I wholly reject their warped view of the Second Amendment. I’ll go to Congress ready to stand up for common sense, with a real gun safety agenda for all Americans.” 

Over the coming months, Buchwald will roll out a series of policy initiatives outlining his plans to address critical issues facing our country and the Lower Hudson Valley. His plan to address gun violence includes: 

  • Passing a National SAFE Act to ban assault weapons and require universal background checks, including closing the “Gun Show Loophole” that lets domestic abusers, terrorists and others avoid background checks when purchasing firearms.
  • Enacting national Safe Storage laws to prevent accidental shootings, which kill and injure thousands of Americans, mostly young people, every year.
  • Passing tougher anti-trafficking and anti-straw purchasing laws to stop the flow of guns from irresponsible states which refuse to address gun violence.
  • Opposing the NRA’s “Concealed Carry Reciprocity” bill, which would force states like New York to weaken our gun laws to appease pro-gun extremists.
  • Holding gun manufacturers legally responsible for failing to keep their products away from those intending to do harm.
  • Eliminating loopholes in the federal Gun-Free School Zones Act to ensure firearms aren’t sold close to our children’s schools. 

Buchwald’s a proven leader who knows what it takes to pass real gun safety legislation. He has sponsored and voted for additional gun safety measures, ranging from a statewide safe storage law that built on Westchester County’s successful efforts to New York’s Extreme Risk Protection (i.e. Red Flag) law. 

“Gun violence is a plague on communities across this nation," said Andy Pelosi, Executive Director of The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus. “As a longtime advocate, I know that we need action in Washington, now. David Buchwald’s been a champion tackling gun violence in our state by successfully supporting comprehensive gun legislation and standing up to the gun lobby. He’s got the plan and guts to keep spearheading this fight — we need his leadership now on the federal level more than ever.”

“David Buchwald’s commitment to tackling the gun violence epidemic is unquestioned,” said New York Assemblymember Amy Paulin. “He’s ready to take our fight to the nation’s capital and show the folks in Washington how we’ve passed meaningful gun safety legislation here in New York. David will be ready to hit the ground running on day one in Congress and lead on this issue that’s so critical to the future of our country.” 

Raised in Westchester, Buchwald was elected to the State Assembly in 2012, beating a two-time Republican incumbent. Buchwald gained particular notice last year for his successful push to allow Congress to see the New York State tax returns of top elected officials, a law which Donald Trump is now suing to block. Assemblyman Buchwald previously served on the White Plains Common Council.